Safe & Stress-Free Rides
for Your Beloved Children

Smart & Affordable Kids Transportation

As responsible parents you want to be able to focus on your work or daily assignments, knowing that your children travel safely to school and back home.

As loving parents you want to be able to track your kids' location at any time, knowing that they have been picked up on time and reached their destination safely.

Now you can!

Download the Smart Shuttle App to schedule individual or car pool rides, and track your kids' location at any time.
Know exactly when each ride starts and when it ends.

How It Works

Driving Your Kids From Point A to Point B Safely & Efficiently

Individual Ride

Book one-time or recurring ride for your child. Rides to-and-from school, to-and-from after school activities, playdates or party pickups and drop-offs, to-and-from sports activities, tutoring services and more.

Family Ride

Hire us as your family’s personal chauffeur. Book one-time or recurring rides for your own children, with multiple destinations.

Carpool Ride

Share a ride with more than one family. It is the most cost-effective option and it can be fun for kids as they ride with friends and neighbors. Use the app to easily coordinate the carpool ride.

One Way or Two-Way Rides

Whether you need one way or two-way rides, we are here to fulfill your needs. Our drivers will arrive on time and drop your kids to the destination safely.

Pay Per Ride Pricing

Why commit to high fixed monthly rates regardless of your kids’ riding needs, if you can pay per ride? Smart Shuttle offers affordable per pay ride rates, saving you on your riding expenses.

What Parents Say


The best part of Smart Shuttle is that the drivers are very polite, courteous, and are always on time for the morning pick up from home or afternoon pick up from school.

Mira Alam

I always found it very challenging to find a trusted and reliable driver to ride my daughters to and from school until I heard about Smart Shuttle. They monitor every ride from pick up to drop off to ensure the safety of the kids. Besides, I can track the driver throughout the ride, which gives me complete peace of mind. Thank you Smart Shuttle!