Highly sought-after
pre-scheduled riding service for children

An Impact on Community Life Quality

Modern life requires young parents to spend long hours at work, making it almost impossible to take responsibility over their children’s transportation needs. As a result, parents and schools are required to turn to third party school bus services, which used to be a difficult and distressing decision.

Our Mission

Smart Shuttle’s prime mission is to offer parents, schools and educational institutions the safest, most punctual and enjoyable kids riding services.

Dedicated to our mission, we strive to lift the burden from the shoulders of worried and busy parents, as well as relieve the pressure posed on schools and institutions.

Not less important, we will keep enabling children everywhere to reach their full potential by attending school, after school activities, sport activities, social activities and more.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain the high levels of appreciation and satisfaction by which we have gained our sound reputation and our clients’ trust. We vow to preserve our ongoing success through excellent professional and reliable services, combined with top-notch technology.

Based on this vision, our responsible and experienced drivers will do everything possible to enable busy parents to continue with their daily tasks, while opening new educational opportunities for their children. With Smart Shuttle, no child will remain behind because of mobility restrictions.

Our Values


As parents ourselves we are passionate about the opportunity to drive children safely and conveniently to their destinations.


Our riders’ safety is the foundation for all we do and for our professional existence.


We always strive to exceed expectations, delivering our very best in everything we do.


We conduct our business with honesty, dignity and respect.


Being open minded, ethical and fair, we always listen to our clients, doing our best to fulfill their wishes.


We always accept and respect the different.


We are proud of our ability to adhere to our commitments.

Team Work

We prioritize togetherness and enthusiasm, emphasizing positive team work and high spirit.


We are proud of our culture of warmth and belonging, doing our best to make each ride an enjoyable and happy experience.