Safety Measures That Will
Put Your Mind At Ease

General Safety Precautions

Smart Shuttle offers transportation solutions for parents and schools that are based first and foremost on the safety of the children we ride. Whether short basic rides or complex driving assignments, nothing stands above the total safety of the children and the peace of mind of their parents.

Our 11-Points Driver Certification Process


Face to face interview.

One of the pre-conditions to onboard new drivers is to have a face to face interview with a member of Smart Shuttle Team. Approved drivers will then attend a thorough training session of safety regulations.


All drivers must be at least 21 years of age.


Good driving record.

All our drivers must have impeccable driving records. Each new driver we onboard must pass a safe driving test with one of our experienced team members. In addition, we monitor their driving behavior on an ongoing basis.


Valid driving license.

All drivers must possess a valid driving license. It’s our responsibility to verify the authenticity of the driving licenses and keep a copy with us before onboarding the new drivers.


Valid vehicle registration or Istimara.

Smart Shuttle accepts only drivers with a valid vehicle registration or Istimara. Drivers are being notified in advance when the Istimara is about to expire.


Vehicles not older than 5 years seating 3 to 6 riders.

We do not use vehicles that are more than 5 years old. We validate vehicles’ age by checking their registration certificates.


Valid vehicle insurance.

We ensure that all the vehicles in our platform have an appropriate valid insurance policy.


Drivers with better communication skills.

We hire drivers who can communicate in English efficiently with the children and their parents.


Preferably parents.

We prioritize drivers who are parents themselves because they can have a better understanding of our riders’ behavior, needs or requests.


Reference Check.

All our drivers are required to provide us with at least two references, so that we can perform safety and background checks.


Zero tolerance on behavior.

Smart Shuttle is committed to a zero-tolerance policy for use of drug and alcohol, use of mobile devices during driving, or engaging in inappropriate conduct.

At Smart Shuttle there is nothing more important than the safety of our children. Contact us now to put your children in the safest and most reliable hands!

Covid-19 Safety Measures

Over the past years our top priority has always been the safe riding experience for the children, driving them conveniently between destinations. Today, the Covid-19 pandemic poses new unprecedented challenges. Being aware of the new restrictions and rules, we take all the necessary safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and protect the children we ride.

Following all the requested regulations and safety guidelines, Smart Shuttle instilled the following safety protocol:

  • Vehicles operate with passenger limits based on the size of the vehicle in use
  • All drivers wear protective face masks
  • A higher-level cleaning protocol has been extended to all our shuttle services
  • Vehicles are cleaned using disinfectant wipes on high-touch surface areas once a day
  • All cleaning disinfectants are green and safe
  • Staff and drivers who are ill or feel unwell are not allowed to be in close contact with the children
  • Drivers must wash their hands or use high alcohol content hand sanitizer before driving the children